Commencement Bay

My first mate..quality all the way.

Commencement…the ending of one thing and the beginning of another.  It’s an appropriate name for the new home of True Love.  Many things have changed over the last few months.  The crew of True Love is down to two full-time members.  There is yours truly and then there is the first mate….Bogart.  My loveable overweight English Bulldog has been promoted with the departure of Gretchen and the girls as full-time crew members. 

Most people ask if the boat and prospect of living on True Love was the reason for the separation of our family….it is not.  Boating is almost never the cause of a strong relationship failing.  It can also not generally save a troubled one from its ultimate conclusion.  All that I will say is that Gretchen is undertaking a very different journey…one that I am not a part of…I remain close to her and know that we will both raise our girls with love and devotion.

And so we commence.  I will be graced by my part-time crew of my daughters often and will endeavor to ensure they are well versed in the majesty of the Salish Sea and beyond.  As for True Love…she is a good boat.  I believe that sailing, rebuilding, and maintaining her short-handed will be a new learning experience that I hope to share with you all.

Wishing you all fair winds and following seas.