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Contributing to Three Sheets Northwest makes people happy!

Do you want have a news tip? A boating experience you want to write about? An event you think we should cover? A great photo or video you’d like to share? If so, we want to hear from you.

Three Sheets Northwest is always looking for good stories, whether they’re ones we write ourselves or stories contributed by readers. We want the site to reflect the wide range of boating experiences in the Northwest, and we’re always looking to add other boaters’ voices to the mix. We see Three Sheets not just as a traditional news site, but also an online community for local boaters.

Here are a few examples of reader-contributed stories:

Dan Richman’s account of a sailing trip he took to Barkley Sound with his nephew (read it)

Gregory Roberts’ story about the joy and frustration of learning to sail a Bristol Bay gillnetter (read it)

Bill Haimes’ interesting and informative story about the decline of the compass in the age of electronic navigation (read it)

Mike Oswald’s cautionary tale about the perils of wearing expensive wristwatches onboard (read it)

We know there’s a lot happening in the boating world that we don’t know about, and we also know that boaters are interested in reading about and learning from other boaters’ experiences. One of the best things about boating is that it’s both a shared and uniquely personal activity – which makes it a great topic for swapping stories.

So if there’s a story you’d like to tell or just want to pass along a tip, drop us a line below:

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