Puget Sound Cruising Club Meeting

Pacific Loop: Off the beaten path

Ken and Susan FitzGerald left Seattle in August 2009 on Bint al Khamseen (Daughter of the Wind), a 2003 Caliber 40 LRC. They sailed to New Zealand via Baja, French Polynesia and Tonga. They returned through Fiji, Tuvalu, and the Marshalls with an emergency stop in Midway. They arrived in Uclulet, BC in August of 2011. They will describe the special anchoring techniques that allowed them to stop in places where few might dare to go. They’ll talk about lightning strikes, exploding dinghies and manufacturing custom windvane parts in Minerva Reef. Their cruise is documented through stunning photography at: http://www.svbintalkhamseen.org/blog/. Ken will also share an animated model of anchoring systems that will demonstrate how mooring options work and what happens when they don’t.

| Dec. 9, 2011 Map Unavailable