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A review of Fishermen’s Terminal Marina

With our departure for Vancouver Island coming up in two weeks, we likely won’t be returning to Fishermen’s Terminal marina, our home for the last four months. When we get back in August it’ll be to Elliott Bay Marina, and eventually Shilshole. Shilshole has a 10 month wait list, so we’ll be waiting till the […]

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A flurry of projects during haul-out

With boatyards you pay for “lay days”, which are the days your boat is laying on the hard (on dry land instead of water). About $40/day for our size boat. So this meant haul-out time is work as fast as you to get as much work done as possible. In July we’re planning a one-month […]

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Rebuilding my marine head’s plumbing

Project Summary: Time: About 8 hours + research time Cost: $100 Knowing your toilet won’t clog: Priceless On our Memorial Day cruise the head (marine toilet) got clogged. Really totally blocked up – the pump wouldn’t move without a lot of pressure, and forcing it too much caused air / liquid to hiss out of […]

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Tackling the mold monster

Mold is a dreaded word amongst boat owners. Mold is insidious, and sitting in a wet environment doesn’t help a boat’s chances. Violet Hour had some minor mold on the headliner of the berths. Sitting idle in Vancouver for a few months in the fall and winter while it was for sale hadn’t helped. The […]

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How to climb the mast solo

The first time I climbed the mast, I was surprised how tiring and somewhat frightening it was. Since then I’ve gone up twice more, and it was much much easier! I’ve worked out a good system that I can setup in 5-10 minutes, climb in 10-15 minutes, and do that safely with just me (no […]

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