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Harnessing the sun: Solar power on a sailboat

Adding solar power to Violet Hour is something we’ve been meaning to do since returning from our cruise last summer and were having trouble keeping our batteries charged because we weren’t motoring enough. Most sailboats in the PNW do a lot of motoring, which allows their engine’s alternator considerable time to charge up the batteries. […]

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My first big mistake

It was in fact, not much of a mistake. Or maybe not a mistake at all. Really just a moment of inattention while trying something new that, compounded with a lot of other small things, snowballed; and then it all just seemed to gather more and more way as time progressed. I guess that’s how […]

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BoatUS: NOAA National Charting Plan looks to the future

There has been a lot made about NOAA shifting away from paper charts on this site and others. Here’s what BoatUS has to say on the matter… Many in the boating community have recently expressed concern after learning of a proposed plan for the “sunsetting” of paper navigational charts, which was listed among the National […]

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A narrow escape at Patos Island

In the spirit of sharing experiences that might prove helpful to others sailing on our Northern Inland waters, here’s a cautionary sea story for you.  Our sailboat KALLISTO is a 39-foot sloop that draws 7-feet 2-inches and is equipped with a Flexofold three-blade folding prop, all information that will soon prove important to this particular saga.   […]

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