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Making gold leaf name boards

Ripple came to me with her name on her transom, but refinishing the transom on an earlier haul-out left her nameless, and my best intentions to renew the proclamation of her identity were defeated by the press of… well… sloth.  In defense of my failure, I did not want to have to re-apply the name […]

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Rerig Part 2: Pulling the mast

As the Ballard Locks attendant checked our lines, he remarked “Where’s your mast?” I replied “Oh, I knew we forgot something! We’ll have to turn around.” This was actually all part of the plan – an hour ago we had passed under the Ballard Bridge – without raising it! We had left our mast at […]

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Stack pack, step I: Thinking

I’m designing, in my head, a stack pack sail cover for our mizzen.  I like to have the whole of a project firmly understood, run thru completely in my head…  before I start.  There are always surprises, but this minimizes them. Why the sail cover?  First, our existing sail cover is shot.  It will make […]

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