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Destinations: Signs of life at Dead Point

Here’s our latest installment from Three Sheets Northwest guest columnist Jim Burgoyne of… That’s the thing about the Broughton Archipelago. To us, in the early 21st Century, it seems like a remote place. You cruise into a bay, and it appears untouched, a gleaming white midden the only hint that once upon a time there was human habitation. Then […]

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Spring boating on the horizon in Alaska

With Yahtzee’s companionway hatch slid fully open, sun poured down below, filling the cabin with light and warmth. I stood there in it for just a moment, soaking up the beautiful rays of spring and dreaming of the future. This past weekend was warm and sunny, and we were primed to get to work putting Yahtzee back together. On Friday […]

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More than surfing, it’s an adventure

Gliding over a thin layer of frost carpeting D-Dock in Seward Harbor, I had a little extra pep in my step walking towards Yahtzee. My excitement wasn’t due to another day of work on the boat, rather, it was at the thought of heading south into Resurrection Bay towards the ocean swell for some surfing. Yes, surfing. Sure, the air temperature was hovering […]

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Reminder: Hear stories, learn about stories and say hi at the Wooden Boat Festival!

Every September, boating enthusiasts from around the Pacific Northwest, North America and the world descend on Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend, Washington to talk boats, look at boats, learn about boats and everything in between. There are beautiful boats to ride, impressive demonstrations to watch, insightful presentations to enjoy, good food to eat, great beer […]

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