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A new favorite port | Sitka

Sitka, Alaska is a flat out cool spot. Pulling into the harbor’s western anchorage through the breakwater, we could instantly tell the place was special. On our approach from the north after spending a quiet night in a nearby cove, Jill and I remarked to each other about how beautiful the town appeared to be […]

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Tacoma’s Thea Foss Waterway and Mount Rainier towering off to the east make the city feel close to nature. (Photo by Anthony Koopman)

Cruising to Tacoma made easy

One of nicest ways to visit the charming city of Tacoma has always been to arrive by sea, crossing Commencement Bay and entering the urban glow, the bridges humming, the glass and steel flashing in the sun as you motor down the Thea Foss Waterway. Along the way in there are several marinas and docks […]

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Go small, go South Sound

Small boat sailors choose “pocket cruising” for a variety of reasons — lower initial costs, no moorage fees, ease of maintenance, simplicity of operation and the ability to trailer to distant locations are but a few. While most small boats are used for day sailing, sometimes that doesn’t scratch the itch and a little extra cruising […]

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700 miles downwind to Alaska

Pardon my lack of posts lately. We did a bit of sailing this week. It started last Thursday (4/20) when we caught an extremely favorable southerly wind for a 160-mile overnight passage from the northwest corner of Vancouver Island to the bottom of Haida Gwaii. Continuing north with the breeze, we went up through incredible Gwaii Haanas National Park before sailing across […]

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