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A 26-foot cabin cruiser sits partially submerged near Richmond Beach, Wash., March 7, 2016.
Coast Guard personnel from Sector Puget Sound, in Seattle, are on scene monitoring cleanup and salvage operations.
U.S. Coast Guard photo courtesy of Station Seattle.

USCG responds to sunken vessel off Richmond Beach, works to mitigate environmental impact

Anyone recognize this boat? In what seems to be the case of yet another derelict vessel washing ashore in Puget Sound waters, the USCG worked quickly on Monday morning to switch from a possible search and rescue to an environmental cleanup and salvage. First responders smelled diesel near the 26-foot powerboat that sank off Richmond Beach and […]

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With Boatyard General Permits set to expire next year, Department of Ecology creates workshops, solicits suggestions

The current Boatyard General Permit expires on May 31, 2016.  The Washington State Department of Ecology expects to reissue the permit early spring 2016 following a public comment period. Ecology will host two Workshop and Listening Sessions to present our plan for the Boatyard General Permit and to solicit suggestions for the new permit from […]

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Why whale poo is good for the oceans

Left out of many discussions about whales and other animals is the effect they have on the health of the ecosystem and how we are all dependent on each other. Wolves in Yellowstone give healthier forests. Streams that have hatchery fish released are healthier when dead salmon are put on stream banks in the fall. […]

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Another southern resident orca found dead

An endangered Puget Sound orca was found dead on Vancouver Island Thursday morning. The 18-year-old female washed ashore near Courtenay, British Columbia, according to the Center for Whale Research, and is believed to have died 24 to 48 hours earlier. She was a member of the J-pod, one of three families of southern resident killer […]

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