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Provisioning for our trip up the Inside Passage

This Costco shopping cart doesn’t look all that bad, considering we bought some stuff for the boat and some stuff for home! I thought I’d share with you some of our favorite Costco provisions, since I’m focused on this subject right now. Shelf-stable Organic Bake-at-Home (or bake-on-a-boat) Sourdough Bread. This stuff is amazing. It comes in packages […]

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The final product is well worth the time and effort.

From the Galley: Rockfish Tacos

Who doesn’t love fresh fish tacos? They’ve been a favorite of ours since living in and cruising Florida and the Caribbean, but we haven’t been making them much lately — that is, until venturing into Barkley Sound. The delicious dish has seemingly grown in popularity over the past few years, and so too have the […]

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The delicious results.

From the Galley: Jill’s Perfect Pizza Dough

We have a running tradition aboard Yahtzee: Friday night is pizza night. Some weeks we deviate from it slightly, but if you dinghy over on a Friday evening, chances are good that you’ll smell the delicious aroma of Jill’s pizza wafting from the cabin. The crispy crust cooks perfectly in our Force 10 oven and whether it’s with […]

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