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Circumnavigation: FAQs from Totem’s circle of the globe

Huge congrats from Three Sheets Northwest to one of our original “Guest Dock” bloggers, SV Totem, for completing a lap around the planet. Well done! Courtesy flags reaching from Totem’s bow to masthead flutter in the breeze, a colorful strand representing most of the countries we’ve visited while sailing around the world. It’s still hard […]

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Puget Sound officially becomes ‘No Discharge Zone’

After years of deliberation, public comments, and back-and-forth opinions on the topic, Puget Sound has officially been designated as a No Discharge Zone. Citing the protection of shellfish, public health and water quality, Washington State Department of Ecology Director, Maia Bellon, signed into law the Puget Sound No Discharge Zone on Monday, April 9. After a […]

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Image courtesy of WDOT.

Abandoned bikes aboard ferries? Yes, it’s a problem

Washington State Ferries and the United States Coast Guard have been running into a peculiar issue recently — bicycles left on board ferries. And they say the impact has been significant. The reason? When a passenger leaves their bicycle on a ferry, it’s the responsiblity of USCG and ferry personnel to treat it as a potential distress situation until the bicyclist […]

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An idyllic view down East Sound on Orcas Island in the San Juans. (Photo by John Fitzwater)

Destinations: Southern trepidation

To implore our readers from British Columbia to venture south of the border, here’s our latest installment from Three Sheets Northwest guest columnist Jim Burgoyne of… When chatting with Canadian boaters, we are often surprised how many have never cruised across the border to visit the San Juan Islands, even when those lovely islands might be quivering haze on their […]

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