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A narrow escape at Patos Island

In the spirit of sharing experiences that might prove helpful to others sailing on our Northern Inland waters, here’s a cautionary sea story for you.  Our sailboat KALLISTO is a 39-foot sloop that draws 7-feet 2-inches and is equipped with a Flexofold three-blade folding prop, all information that will soon prove important to this particular saga.   […]

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USCG urges mariners to secure vessels

Every fall, the USCG spends time and resources chasing down boats that have broken free from moorings or have been swept of a beach. And now that fall storms have arrived, they are once again urging vessel and paddlecraft owners to properly secure and label their boats. Coast Guard crews treat every unmanned and adrift vessel as […]

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Salvage? Or…

All of us here in Puget Sound are aware that we’ve had some pretty tremendous wind storms lately, especially those of us who went days without power. But the boaters among us are even more aware. Whether your boat was tied to a dock, moored on a buoy, or (Heaven forbid) at anchor during these […]

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