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Win a free US Yacht ensign!

In case you missed it in our recent post on nautical flag etiquette, we’re running another contest here at Three Sheets Northwest … this time, giving away a flag for the Fourth of July! Pretty, isn’t it? That’s a brand-new, fresh-out-of-the-box official United States Yacht ensign, just sent straight to us by the fine folks […]

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A Jet Capsule pod boat underway

The Pod Boat

So, if the whole virtualized drone-sailing future thing is not for you, it turns out that there may be another option on the other end of the dystopian-boating spectrum: pod boats! This concept is brought to you by Lazzarini Design, the same folks who have behind the similarly pod-like new Fiats. At least one of […]

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Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe returns to the sea in upcoming film

Finally, ten years after his iconic portrayal of Captain Jack Aubrey in Peter Weir’s “Master and Commander,” Russell Crowe is returning to the big screen in a nautical role… this time, playing builder and eventual captain of the greatest project boat of all time: The Ark. “Noah” is due out in March of next year. […]

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