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We’re not used to this

This much cold this early in the year is something we are just not accustomed to here in the Pacific Northwest. This is a bottle of Diet Coke that was left out on the deck because the refrigerator was full of Thanksgiving food. It was plenty cold out there – the Coke is frozen solid. […]

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PTSA Winter Sail Racing Seminar Starts Dec. 15th

The quality of the racing on Port Townsend Bay continues to improve. To keep that trend going, the Port Townsend Sailing Association is sponsoring a Winter Sail Racing Seminar led by some of PT’s top racing sailors starting Monday, December 15th. The seminar will convene twice a month until we run out of topics. Dates […]

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A tale of two toddlers

s/v Yare (image cadged from The Center for Wooden Boats has a Third-Friday Speaker each month for most of the year.  This month’s event was a particularly timely topic for me.  Tor and Jessica Bjorklund spoke on the topic of sailing the Inside Passage to Alaska… with two toddlers! Their boat, s/v Yare, will […]

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DIY: A classic boat gets a new tiller pilot

I have hovered over the acquisition of a tiller pilot for several years, once having even manufactured a mounting point for one.  I didn’t install it.  Misgivings about its non-traditional complexion and fear of the siren-call of creeping complexity stayed my hand. Last summer convinced me that cruising alone without one is inconvenient, and possibly […]

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