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The author in the galley of her 31-foot boat, Velella. Photo courtesy of Wendy Hinman

Thanksgiving aboard for six – on short notice

When Team New Zealand announced they would defend the America’s Cup in Auckland in the spring of 2003, my husband, Garth, and I were excited. We have long been fans of the America’s Cup (AC), which tests boat design ingenuity and sailing prowess. But there was another reason for our excitement: We were sailing to […]

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Matt Rutherford, left, with reporter Tomoko Nishi and an editor at Kazi magazine, and Nicole Trenham in Sakura, Japan. Photo courtesy of Wendy Hinman

Seafaring rebel with a cause

Many share a thirst for adventure on the high seas, but few can turn that desire into a vocation. Matt Rutherford is one of them. He has found a way to share his love of the seafaring life with a mission to aid our planet’s threatened oceans, our neighboring Pacific being one of them. I […]

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The author's boat docked in Ishigaki, Japan. Photo courtesy of Wendy Hinman

A docking near-disaster

You’d think after double-handing for more than 34,000 miles and two decades of racing, we’d know a thing or two about docking. Believe it or not, when it comes to docking, it is still possible to humble even the most experienced of sailors. One afternoon after a delightful sail ghosting along in flat water in […]

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Mike Ayers and his sailboat, La Volante Frances Jane. Photos courtesy of Wendy Hinman

Heading south: the Class of 2012

Every year there’s a migration south. I’m not talking about the birds flying south for the winter or retirees in their RVs. I’m talking about snowbirds of a different sort, who venture south aboard boats buoyed by dreams of staying south for an indefinite period. Each August, a select group of boaters watches the weather […]

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