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How the Inside Passage was won

The R2AK is one way to get to Alaska, but this trek is no pleasure cruise. The rules for the Race to Alaska are simple: 750 miles to Ketchikan, navigating past two waypoints at Seymour Narrows and Bella Bella. No motor. No outside assistance. Boat for boat racing with no handicaps.  The winners walk away […]

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The author in the galley of her 31-foot boat, Velella. Photo courtesy of Wendy Hinman

Thanksgiving aboard for six – on short notice

When Team New Zealand announced they would defend the America’s Cup in Auckland in the spring of 2003, my husband, Garth, and I were excited. We have long been fans of the America’s Cup (AC), which tests boat design ingenuity and sailing prowess. But there was another reason for our excitement: We were sailing to […]

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Matt Rutherford, left, with reporter Tomoko Nishi and an editor at Kazi magazine, and Nicole Trenham in Sakura, Japan. Photo courtesy of Wendy Hinman

Seafaring rebel with a cause

Many share a thirst for adventure on the high seas, but few can turn that desire into a vocation. Matt Rutherford is one of them. He has found a way to share his love of the seafaring life with a mission to aid our planet’s threatened oceans, our neighboring Pacific being one of them. I […]

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The author's boat docked in Ishigaki, Japan. Photo courtesy of Wendy Hinman

A docking near-disaster

You’d think after double-handing for more than 34,000 miles and two decades of racing, we’d know a thing or two about docking. Believe it or not, when it comes to docking, it is still possible to humble even the most experienced of sailors. One afternoon after a delightful sail ghosting along in flat water in […]

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