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Re-powering s/v Ripple

My Summer, 2017 Adventure An irregular sound, a vibration untuned to the sum of your experience: this one was a momentary drop in RPM… 25, maybe 50 rpm. I bumped the throttle, right? Then it happened again, and denial shades into anxiety. The opening hours of a 6 week cruise: Seattle, up the inside passage, […]

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Making gold leaf name boards

Ripple came to me with her name on her transom, but refinishing the transom on an earlier haul-out left her nameless, and my best intentions to renew the proclamation of her identity were defeated by the press of… well… sloth.  In defense of my failure, I did not want to have to re-apply the name […]

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Installing a wood burning stove

With the deck iron in place, it is time to work out the details of setting the stove in place and fitting the flue pipes. The enclosure from the original kerosene heater is lined in asbestos and requires some modification to make it more effective. Basically, the floor of the enclosure needed to be raised […]

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Rain, rain, go away

We departed from Scenery Cove in Thomas Bay at 0530 in a steady rain that lasted for 36 hours without interruption, reminding us how fortunate we had been the whole trip so far. This was the first of several intervals on the trip that would expose Ripple’s weakest cruising characteristic: it was nigh unto impossible […]

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