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Choosing a non-skid paint

Recently we passed the two year anniversary of owning our boat – two years since Feb 14 2015. It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come in that time – with many major projects completed (a rerig, rudder removal + steering system repair, rebedding lots of deck hardware, etc), plus two major summer cruises (lower […]

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Splayed out wire ready for a swageless fitting.

5 tips from a DIY re-rig

A sailboat’s rig — the mast and wires that hold it up — is a critical component that allows us to convert the wind’s power into movement. This amazing harnessing of physics allows us to sail, but it’s also very important that it doesn’t fail — because a dismasting at sea can be a life […]

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Rerig Part 2: Pulling the mast

As the Ballard Locks attendant checked our lines, he remarked “Where’s your mast?” I replied “Oh, I knew we forgot something! We’ll have to turn around.” This was actually all part of the plan – an hour ago we had passed under the Ballard Bridge – without raising it! We had left our mast at […]

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