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The Year of the Winch

The anchor winch on the Gyrfalcon is a major piece of work. Built in 1941, it has been lifting the anchors ever since. The anchors are no toys – each one weighs around 600 pounds. The port anchor has around 100 feet of heavy chain, followed by around 600 feet of steel cable. The starboard […]

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The year of delignification: Part 1

If you hang around wooden boats long enough, you get to learn a lot of new terminology. This year’s major new word was Delignification, defined as “removal of lignin from woody tissue (as by natural enzymatic or industrial chemical processes)”. Pretty clear, right?  Lignin is “an organic substance binding the cells, fibers and vessels which […]

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Labor Day Cruise to San Juans, Gulfs, and Victoria BC-Part 2

Note:  This blog is written by Nancy, with help from Jessica’s timeline.  Pictures are by Tom, Jessica, David, Susan, Peter, and Nancy.  Commentary in italics is by Peter.  Day 3 (Monday, Aug 25th): Mid-morning After paddling over the the Adventuress, Jessica and I returned to the Gyrfalcon.  Jessica demonstrated the most elegant kayak exit yet–she […]

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