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Dragon boat weekend in Olympia

I pass them on the river frequently — long, narrow craft. their paddles rising and digging in — but I’ve seldom given much thought to dragon boats, even though my 17-year-old son has been paddling them for two seasons. That changed recently when his team asked for volunteers to transport the kids to a race […]

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Why I (still) love RowBird

I got the chance to take the helm of a 30 foot keelboat last weekend. It had soft cushions, a head, a bimini, and a nice big electronic chart above the wheel. Music drifted out of two speakers strategically placed in the back of the cockpit. When we got tired of fighting the current, we […]

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Dreaming on Vancouver Lake

I’d been dreaming of sailing for weeks, but every attempt was thwarted by downpours, freezing temperatures or family obligations. So when the forecast called for clear skies and modest winds one recent Sunday, I had to get out on the water. There was just one issue: both the Columbia and the Willamette were flowing much […]

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Glow in the dark: The joys of bioluminescence

Describing bioluminescence with words is like holding water in your hands — insufficient. Descriptions abound: the glowing trails streaming behind a boat, the “fairy dust” surrounding a midnight swimmer. These aren’t bad analogies, but they’re all a form of shorthand, the inevitable result of attempting to capture such a magical experience in writing. It’s what […]

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