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Stack pack, step I: Thinking

I’m designing, in my head, a stack pack sail cover for our mizzen.  I like to have the whole of a project firmly understood, run thru completely in my head…  before I start.  There are always surprises, but this minimizes them. Why the sail cover?  First, our existing sail cover is shot.  It will make […]

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Do you have ports like this?

Storm windows? On a boat?

We use Eolian all winter long (at the dock anyway), therefore we heat her all winter long.  On houses, storm windows are used to provide an extra layer of insulation against the winter cold and weather.  If you have ports like these: …you can easily make and fit storm windows for them too!  I  don’t […]

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Random propeller thoughts

I’ve been thinking about propellers lately.  A lot. No, I can’t explain that.  Perhaps it is a residue of our recent election.  Or something. Nevertheless… Now, I am not a trained Naval Architect.  But still, I have thoughts which seem coherent (to me at least, but then the judge may be biased), some brought on […]

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