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At home among friends in British Columbia

After a quick jaunt through the dense, electric-green forest on Portland Island, we came to a grassy clearing that sloped quickly down to the sea. I laid my backpack on a rock, grabbed a water bottle, two beers and snacks from inside and passed them around, officially kicking off our family’s impromptu celebration in honor of being back in […]

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Thriving on the unknowns

“I tell people that you guys are annoyingly content.” Our friend Chris said with a chuckle while sitting at Yahtzee’s nav desk. “It’s a good thing. What I mean is that you’re the most content people I’ve seen handle the unknown. Most people have a hard time dealing with that, and you do it so seamlessly.” Over […]

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TVs? Enclosures? Rain? and other recent FAQs

Due to the unconventional lifestyle that we lead while cruising aboard Yahtzee, we tend to field a lot of questions from sailors and non-sailors, friends, family members, strangers and folks who follow Three Sheets Northwest and Rollin’ With Yahtzee. You can find many of these basic questions on our FAQ page, but we’ve recently had quite a few […]

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That good old San Juan Islands cure

Jill was at the helm when we coaxed Yahtzee off the dock in Anacortes against a stiff cross-breeze, and while closing the gate and stowing fenders I heard a voice yell, “Hey, Yahtzee! I hope you guys are feeling better!” The salutation — from a blog reader who noticed the boat — brought a smile to my […]

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A couple of cruising realities rear their ugly heads

The vast majority of the time, living our nomadic life under sail is highly entertaining, rewarding, stimulating and challenging. It’s an amazing way to raise our children and to see the world, especially the great Pacific Northwest, and there’s nothing more we’d rather do. That said, we’ve recently dealt with a couple realities of this life that are particularly […]

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Boat Notes | Malo 45 Classic Serene

A light morning rain had just ended when we began unsnapping the panels on Serene’s full enclosure. Out on Lake Union a modest breeze funneled in from the north and I was hoping it would stick around long enough for us to give the Malo 45 Classic a decent test sail. All lines are led aft to the […]

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Bouncing round the Central Sound

Porter held an assortment of wrenches in his hands while I tightened a nut on the engine. He watched me finish intently and when we moved on to the next one, Magnus came behind us with his toy drill to give it one last turn for good measure. It was project number three that day […]

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