Safety at Sea Seminar set for February in Vancouver, Washington

Whether you’re a novice sailor or old salt, a Safety at Sea Seminar is an excellent way to brush up on your all around safety skills as a skipper or crew.

The Sailing Foundation will once again be offering the U.S. Sailing two-day Safety at Sea seminar on February 9 & 10, 2019 at the Marshall/Luepke Community Center in Vancouver, Washington.

An informative and entertaining training program both in the classroom and hands-on, the seminar is designed to enhance your sailing skills as a crewmember and make you, your boat and crew safer. Sailing experts have tailored their presentations to give you as much information as possible in the two-day experience. Days are long, but you’ll come out of each with a better understanding of the many topics covered.


Day one (Saturday) will be in a classroom setting where instructors will educate attendees on topics including heavy weather sail selection and use, man overboard and safety gear, damage control and repair, assistance to other vessels, safety communication devices and EPIRBs, personal safety gear, heavy weather techniques, abandon ship and life raft procedures, medical emergencies, and weather forecasting. There will also be a discussion on what lessons U.S. Sailing has learned from studying various tragedies at sea and the nuances of each.

Day two (Sunday) will take participants through hands-on scenarios in pyrotechnics and fire fighting, and then into the pool for life raft deployment and entry training. Classroom sessions that day delve into medical scenarios and kits, weather routing, sail repair and maintenance, and Lifesling training.

General Information

By participating in and completing the seminar, attendees will earn a certificate from U.S. Sailing that can be used when racing offshore and internationally.

Membership in The Sailing Foundation is included in the fee. The fee covers lectures, demonstrations, exhibits, course materials and a box lunch. To ensure good contact between the students and the presenters, each break-out session is limited to 25 students.


Prices will increase November 1, 2018.  Register now to get the early bird discount!

By November 1st, 2018 After November 1st, 2018
Individual Saturday Only $200 $300
Individual 2 Day Weekend $425 $475
Couple Saturday Only $400 $550
Couple Weekend $750 $850
Individual Sunday Only (Space Available) $300 $350
Crew #1 (2 Day) $425 $475
Crew #2 (2 Day) $425 $475
Crew #3 (2 Day) $425 $475
Crew #4 (2 Day) $212.50 $237.50


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