Part 3 of 3: Pender Harbour back to Seattle

After visiting Princess Louisa Inlet, one of the most picturesque places on the face of the earth, it was time to return home to Seattle. The journey from Pender Harbour back turned out to be much more difficult than getting there, but it also was just as memorable as the rest of the trip, and spawned ideas of future visits all through Canada.

The Route

Our route back was still in flux mainly because of the weather to cross the Strait of Georgia. However, we wanted to try to go back a slightly different route – Pender Harbour to Nanaimo, then to a couple anchorages somewhere in the Gulf Islands, and finally to Friday Harbor.

Here’s the route that my data recorder captured up until the final anchorage night in Genoa Bay. I was playing with some beta test instruments at that point and the recorder stopped gathering data, but the rest of the trip was pretty standard. You can see the map on Google Maps here.

The Worst Day So Far

After resting half a day in Pender Harbour, our plan was to head either to Secret Cove, or try to cross the Strait of Georgia. The forecast for the next few days was not looking happy for the crossing, so it felt like we should probably cross the Strait today, based on the fact that the wind was supposed to be only 15 knots and pretty calm in the afternoon.

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