Part 2 of 3: Princess Louisa Inlet

I have always wanted to visit Princess Louisa Inlet, but have never had the right timing, boat, schedule, and everything else align until this year. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget, and I consider it one of the top 5 places I have ever visited – boat or not!


One of the common jumping off points for a visit to Princess Louisa Inlet is Pender Harbour. We came up from Vancouver and the Gulf Islands, which I covered in my previous article. From Pender, our plan was to head up Jervis Inlet and the related reaches in one day, our longest distance day of the entire trip – 45 NM.

For Grace, doing 7 knots on perfect water would mean around 6.4 hours on the water. Realistically, I expected no more than 6 knots due to the tides and currents. Many people I talked to had said that the current was not much of a factor in the inlet and reaches, but I wanted to err on the side of caution. At 6 knots, that meant a 7.5 hour day on the water, which is a long time when you’re handling the boat alone.

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