Part 1 of 3: Getting to Princess Louisa Inlet from Seattle

This year I finally made it to a place I have always wanted to see – Princess Louisa Inlet. The trip was an epic one – over 450 NM in only 17 days, and all done solo! There were so many adventures and pictures, I had to split this up into 3 separate posts.


I had done a lot of planning for this trip – from routes and fuel stops, water usage amounts, detour harbors in case of weather, and much more. The main reason I may have over-planned parts of the trip was that I was going to be on my boat, solo and I wanted as much information and alternatives as possible in the event of an issue. For the majority of the journey, I would be traveling with another boat, but I still had to run mine alone.

The other boat I was traveling with was a 62′ Angel motor yacht named Sea Bear. On board was captain Holly, along with longtime friend Steve Roberts of, and initially a couple of other family members. For the majority of our trip, it would just be the three of us – myself on Grace, and Holly & Steve on Sea Bear.

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