Correcting a starboard list, and LiFePO4 power system design

In the 3 years I have owned Grace, I have completed a lot of projects, one of the biggest being updating her power infrastructure. In the last 2 years, a problem has surfaced that I needed to correct before the next season – a deep list to starboard. In addition, my original design had some things I wanted to improve upon.

The List

Every boat at some point lists one way or another depending on people, equipment and design. The 2000-era Benetau line is no exception, and in fact I found out from the various owners groups online that my model is prone to a significant starboard list even with the boat totally empty.  This seems like an unfortunate choice in Beneteau’s design, as the starboard lazarette in the cockpit is the only major storage area outside, and the single biggest storage area on the boat. You could easily fit four people in the space (not that we store people) and we routinely dump anything and everything in here.

For normal trips, we will have one or two 5 gallon diesel cans (full), two batteries for the Torqeedo outboard, spare steering gear, tools, safety gear, a bucket full of outdoor junk, folding chairs, and much more.

So after cramming this full of stuff, the list increases even more. On a relatively flat bottom stern boat, this creates some problems if it gets too high.

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One Response to Correcting a starboard list, and LiFePO4 power system design

  1. Tim Ferris August 30, 2018 at 8:51 am #

    I had similar problem with Hunter 310 and resolved with lead weights along the outer rails hidden in area along opposite side. The lead pieces I found were about 4″x10″x1″ and each weighed about 25lbs. Took about 8 of them total to resolve, but works great!

    Cheers, Tim

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