Shelter from the Storm in Clark Cove, Princess Royal Island

“Central Coast from McInnes Island to Pine Island: Gale warning in effect. Southeast 10 to 20, rising to southeast 30 to 40” spoke the Canadian lady’s recorded voice on the VHF marine broadcast. “Hecate Strait: Gale warning in effect. Southeast 15 to 25, rising to southeast 30 to 40.”

We’d been following the changing forecast for a couple days now and knew there was a big southerly system coming for Friday (today), Saturday and Sunday (May 25-27). The forecast was for a 30-40 knot gale in Hecate Strait and the Central Coast (roughly where we are). So we knew we’d need what the cruising guides call a “bombproof anchorage.” We chose Clark Cove, a bit north of Laredo Channel, for this.

Clark Cove

The Douglass guide writes that Clark Cove is an undiscovered gem, and sheltered from all weather. It has a very narrow, shallow entrance, which likely is what discourages many boats from visiting here (that and the fact there are nearly no boats on the outer waterways now anyway).

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