Major mast work

In the last year I have had a number of issues with items in or on Grace’s mast. During a recent trip to Blake Island, the anchor light stopped working, and that was the last straw. It was time to dig deeper into fixing all of the issues.

By this time, I had the following problems:

VHF quality issues – I continued to have very bad quality when transmitting (almost unusable) and poor reception when receiving as well. I had replaced the cable inside the cabin, ends, and even had a friend test the cable.

Anchor light tripping circuit breaker – weirdly, every time I tried to turn on the anchor light, it tripped the circuit breaker. This indicated either a wiring fault, or something very bad with the bulb. I believed the bulb was LED.

Raymarine wind failures – the ST60 wind instrument was giving very odd readings. At times, it would show no wind when there definitely was. Multiple observations over a month showed that the anemometer portion of the instrument wasn’t spinning as fast as it should, and likely was worn out or in need of maintenance.

Steaming light failed – this light failed late last year. It is part of a Forespar combo steaming / deck light.

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