Conquering seasickness

Since as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten motion sick on airplanes, in cars, and on boats. I have tried many different solutions to help reduce how sick I get, and the one that has worked for 15+ years for me reliably and easily is the ReliefBand. I was surprised to find out there is a new version out, and it is the biggest iteration for the product in a long time.

I first found out how bad getting motion sick could really be when I started flying for a company back in the early 90’s. I would arrive at the destination airport and need a full day to recover. Not very cost effective for my employer, so I started searching for a solution.

Meanwhile, on the boat, I would just deal with it – but I would get motion sick at a perfectly flat anchorage if a single motor boat went by and I was below. It was that easy (or bad, depending on how you look at it). Yet I continued to go out over and over, because I love being on the water.

Up until this point, while on the boat or in cars being driven by others, I would take Dramamine or other similar over the counter drugs. They helped, but usually put me to sleep at some point in the process, which also doesn’t work when you’re traveling for business.

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