Pruth Bay: Our favorite anchorage yet

Pruth Bay on Calvert Island of the Central Coast of BC has a tall reputation to live up to – every guide book and blog we’ve read raves about it. It ended up exceeding our expectations, helped by some glorious sun on the second day. We stayed two nights and were sad to leave – we easily could’ve spent 3 or 4 days there. We both agree it’s probably our favorite place in all of our cruising of the Pacific Northwest.

The well known attraction of Pruth Bay is its sandy beaches – large, pristine sand beaches with gentle slopes – extremely rare in the Pacific Northwest. They’re also nearly deserted, and there are 10 distinct beaches, which would be enough for each person here currently to have their own beach.

Another big plus is the Hakai research institute here shares their satellite wifi with boaters (use sparingly). Since the Central Coast has pretty much no cellular service, it’s nice to be able to check in with family and check weather. The Central Coast is a lonely coast, and some social time helps.

So it was exciting to see 9 boats in the bay our first night, including 5 sailboats. That’s the most boats we’ve shared an anchorage with since leaving Shilshole March 29, and the most cruising sailboats we’ve seen since then. It was fun to see S/V De Novo there (another boat from Shilshole), and we went hiking with them the next morning.

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