This year’s haul-out: bottom paint, thruhulls, and prop work

As I set the sails in Elliott Bay under blue skies with a perfect 8-10 knot breeze at my back, it was hard not to feel overwhelmed with joy at the successful completion of our haul-out. In five days we (myself + the yard) had gotten a ton done, nothing had gone wrong, and the haul-out was completed on schedule. Amazing. And no leaks!

It felt really good to have the boat back in her natural element, and as we glided smoothly along I noted it felt faster than before – probably thanks to the freshly painted bottom and prop, but more testing is needed to say for sure.

If you’ve ever done boatyard work, you know that haul-outs are stressful times. In a short period of time we take the boat out of water, do some of the most critical projects of the year and also incur our biggest expenses of the year (in one week, a haul-out doubles our yearly maintenance cost). It’s easy to see why some people avoid / postpone them as long as possible. But we want to get the boat into prime cruising condition, and delaying bottom paint any longer wouldn’t have been good.

Hard growth on our keel – a few mussel and barnacle families had taken up residence!

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  1. Steve Hulsizer March 14, 2018 at 10:31 pm #

    Patrick, nice story. I’m glad it worked out well. I must admit using Seaview this year, but only for a quick mast lift to replace the radar antenna and replace the horn. Not enough work to justify going all the way up the Duwamish. Minor problems with the radar cable – had to enlarge the hole in the mast because the new cable end was too stiff to make the turn at the exit, and the base of the horn, same brand, but different chinese company who made the horn, was off by 1/3 of a hole diameter. Fortunately, I had not thrown out the old horn and salvaged the base after chiseling the corroded fastener off the frame. Furuno made the mast attachment points the same size as the original 1995 radar, so the bolts slipped right in.

    I am really getting to hate chinese crap. The brand is the same, but they use a different manufacturer who then uses different dimensions. Trump is barking up the wrong tree about tariffs. China should be shunned for stunts like this. Walmart fall apart.

    One of the many things I like about Delta, besides the labor rate, is how clean the yard is and how professional the staff is.


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