Resolute, a life of training and education at sea

Resolute, a Luders 44′ Midshipmen Naval Training Yawl which served the United States Navy and The Evergreen State College’s academic programs has been given a new life. In 1939, 12 Philippine mahogany planked vessels were commissioned by the Annapolis Naval Academy, built and delivered by the Luders Shipyard in 1942.  These wooden yawls operated for about 20 years providing sail-training for Midshipmen and were campaigned up and down the eastern seaboard. They were replaced in the mid 60’s by a similar fiberglass version which were upgraded with engines. The Academy sailed this fleet of yawls hard, first wood then fiberglass, for roughly 40 years.

Navy Academy graduates acquired fundamental seamanship skills and gained a respect for the sea by running classic sailing vessels. After years on the eastern seaboard Resolute and her sister Flirt shipped out west to the Navy’s outstation fleet. After retirement from navel service, this training vessel continued to give her life to education in many expanding forms. In the late 1970’s Resolute and Flirt were acquired by The Evergreen State College for the price of $1 each. They sat next to each other on campus, one facing north, the other south. It was decided that resources only allowed the rebuild of one yawl. Resolute was chosen based on her favorable condition. Under the leadership of Don Fasset, she received a new deck and rudder in addition to an engine and fixed galley which she’d never had. Accommodations and amenities were very spartan due to design specifications and original purpose.

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