Gig Harbor’s industrious Skansie Bros. Shipyard

SKANSIE BROTHERS SHIPYARD. GIG HARBOR, WA. Original 1927 photo from the archives of
the Saltwater People Historical Society©

“The Skansie Bros. Shipyard was established at Gig Harbor, WA, specializing in the construction of the heavy-duty gasoline vessels which were fast replacing other types in the fishing industry of the Northwest.

The first craft built by the Skansie brothers, Peter, Andrew, Mitchell, and Joseph, at their new shipyard was the 65-ft fishing vessel OCEANIA, launched in May 1912, and designed for their own fishing fleet. The brothers were said to have built the first gasoline launch for seine fishing on Puget Sound while other fishermen were still using oar-powered skiffs. The brothers learned the shipbuilding trade in Europe.

Mitchell Skansie was the major owner of the young shipyard and the upcoming ferry company. In 1921 he established the Steilacoom-Long Branch ferry, adding the Fox Island ferry in 1924.

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