What to buy a sailor for Christmas

Buying gifts for a sailor for the holidays is easier than you might think, because they’re always in need of gadgets to make life onboard a little easier or more comfortable. Recently I’ve discovered several low-priced products that have made our life as liveaboards easier. Now it’s hard to imagine we went so long without these things!

Yet, as aspiring minimalists we don’t want to acquire too much stuff – storage is always an issue on a boat. So we try to ensure anything we get has a useful purpose.

Here are a few ideas of items we’ve found useful:

Neoprene Gloves – $25

The quest for the perfect sailing gloves is never-ending – everyone has an opinion on what works, and there’s little agreement. The best solution is probably to have two pairs. I never recommend gloves marketed as sailing gloves because in my experience they’re overpriced (the “marine tax” or designer name-brand tax) and don’t keep my hands warm.
I’ve always been a fan of GoreTex gloves, but I’m going to try these neoprene gloves too. Neoprene is the material wet suits are made out of. Its advantage is it can get wet and still provide some warmth.

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