Review: AMEC WideLink SOTDMA AIS Transponder

I have had a lot of AIS transponders on Grace and Jammy over the years, most recently the Vesper XB-8000. But after months of repeated issues with the Vesper, I decided to look at whether there was any new technology or up-and-coming company that might dethrone Vesper from the top.

Vesper did correct the issue I was having, but I still was interested in something new. I always start my research with Milltech Marine where I have bought my AIS equipment from since 2007! I found an old post about my first SR-162 receiver from way back then during a recent site cleanup. It has been 10 years of AIS for me, which seems like a long time…

I noticed that there was a new type of Class B AIS transponder using SOTDMA, which stands for Self-Organizing Time Division Multiple Access – the same method Class A uses. You can read a more technical overview on Wikipedia but essentially this technology allows for more frequent and intelligent AIS broadcasts of boat data to others using AIS receivers.

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