Port of Seattle buys Salmon Bay Marina

In a continued step towards the future, the Port of Seattle recently announced the purchase of Salmon Bay Marina.

Located on the Ship Canal adjacent to the Port’s existing Fishermen’s Terminal facility, the marina is a five acre parcel that contains five docks supporting 166 slips measuring 6,547 lineal feet of moorage on freshwater. The purchase price was $15,679,120.

Commission President Tom Albro noted that, “The purchase of Salmon Bay Marina is a step toward fulfilling our Century Agenda goal to double the number of jobs in our region associated with fishing and maritime and is financially smart for the Port. It also protects urban industrial and maritime land, which is also environmentally wise.”

There are a number of potential uses for the property, including light industrial facilities that could support maritime and manufacturing companies in the area. The site could support structures in the range of 60,000 square feet.

As it stands right now, the existing marina slips will remain, although the house boats will be removed prior to the Port taking possession of the property. Environmental remediation from prior tenants may run close to $900,000. And the Port will have to make a substantial upgrade to the covered docks by adding a sprinkler system in order to bring it up to fire code.

Overall, the Port of Seattle is gaining a valuable piece of waterfront property primarily to protect Maritime Industrial Land and to support the redevelopment of Fishermen’s Terminal.

“We applaud the Port of Seattle for purchasing and preserving this unique freshwater recreational boat facility,” said Peter Schrappen, Director of Government Affairs for the Northwest Marine Trade Association. “These assets are rare, and help maintain maritime and family-wage jobs.”

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2 Responses to Port of Seattle buys Salmon Bay Marina

  1. Captain Jack December 13, 2017 at 10:45 am #

    I had a boat there back in 2009. I really liked the place. Sad to see it go to industrial uses while displacing all the privately owned boats. Where will they all go?

    • Andy Cross
      Andy Cross December 13, 2017 at 3:11 pm #

      According to the Port of Seattle, private owned vessels will stay but they just need to sign a new lease agreement:

      “A new month to month moorage agreement will need to be signed by each slip holder. All slip holders will be required to present the following: proof of Insurance in the amount of $300,000 (per RCW 53.08.480, coverage shall include general, legal and pollution coverage), current Washington State Vessel Registration, signed Port Moorage Agreement, signed Port Best Management Practices policy.Existing liveaboards will also have to fill out the Authorization to Liveaboard document.”

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