Easy security cameras for the sailboat via Arlo

I have been a remote video camera junkie since AXIS came out with their first IP enabled cameras back in the late 1990s. Leveraging an ISDN internet connection, I was able to monitor my house and a vacation property remotely from a computer. Smartphones didn’t exist at that point, so you had to hunt down a computer and a modem or other connection. The video quality of these cameras was, to say the least, quite low. If I remember correctly, that first camera had 120×120 pixels resolution, which is not really enough for anything serious.

Flash forward to now, and we have a ton of different options. I have tried cameras from Nest/Dropcam, Mobotix, Arlo, Ubiquiti, AXIS, Sony, and probably 10 other lesser known manufacturers that I’ve forgotten. So many have restrictions, or are lacking key features, or simply have terrible video quality.

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