A Drive-in Boat Wash? Yep.

Well this seems to make a lot of sense…

The Clean Boating Foundation recently interviewed Fiona Alven with Drive-in Boat Wash. The Clean Boating Foundation aims at updating boater’s and boatyards on new technology as a neutral party. We will be updating this blog after discussing the Boat Wash with the Washington State Department of Ecology. For now, Enjoy!

1. What is your background? What is the background of your company/product?

Drive-in Boatwash was developed in Sweden by Karl-Axel Bartholf and Jan Alven. As colleagues in the hydraulics industry they both knew their way around machines, and as keen boaters they were also very familiar with the age old problem of keeping your boat bottom clean. In Sweden, the environmental sensitivity of the Baltic Sea area and the changing regulation for antifouling resulted in hull brush washing emerging as a state endorsed alternative to copper or zinc based antifouling paints. The family run small company was further incentivized to commercially develop the Drive-in Boatwash technology. Success in Sweden has led to international expansion and Drive-in Boatwash went public on the Stockholm Stock Exchange earlier in 2017.  The machines are currently available in a mobile model (Miniwash) and in a range of stationary models the largest of which, BIGWASH 16, can cater for boats up to 53ft.

Read the full post on the Clean Boating Foundation.

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