Replacing the head – the crew’s favorite upgrade

One of the most hated bits of the boat is the head. Every boat I have owned has had a unique set of steps required to make sure things “work out” for everyone involved, mainly the captain. Many guests forget half the steps, or stick things down there that should never be there. Others follow the process, but treat it like it is some sort of strength contest, and end up causing damage. No one ever says “boy I sure love the head and how much I have to do when using it”. After having completed my Power System Upgrade last year, and seeing a third year of patterns for how we use Grace, I made the decision to replace the 15 year old head with an electric one that should make the crew far happier.

Existing head

The existing head was a Jabsco, and I am not terribly fond of that particular brand after having one on a previous boat and experiencing quite a bit of issues. They’re not horribly terrible, just not that great in my opinion. This one had a broken seat setup which tended to slide at the least opportune moment, and potentially harm the sitters, ah, person. It also slammed down as the evening wore on and folks got, shall we say, more happy.

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