Going to Canada for work on the boat – was it worth it?

We took the boat up to Sidney, BC to have some brightwork and engine work done back in early March. The folks up there had it for about six weeks. We had all the window frames painted, much of the exterior teak varnished, and engines serviced. It took us two days (well…a day and a half at least) each way to get there and back. Was it worth it? The short answer is mostly yes, and a bit of no.

I will say up front that everyone was very helpful and we are pleased with the results of all the work. Avalon Brightwork did all painting and varnish work. West Coast Marine Diesel did the engine service.

First, value for our money. After, this is the primary reason we did this. At the time, $1.00 CA translated to $.73 US. That works out to a labor rate of about $45 US per hour. That rate is much lower than in the Seattle area.

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