Tucked away in Octopus Islands

Looking west across Waiatt Bay from tiny inlets popular with kayakers. (Photo by Robin Gervot)

Octopus Islands and surrounding bays along the northeastern shore of Quadra Island off Okisollo Channel provide some of the safest and most serene anchorages in the Discovery Islands.

Most cruisers who come here are drawn first to Octopus Islands, a marine provincial park where cruisers tuck into small coves, stern tied side by side like clumps of mismatched shoes.

Others are attracted to swinging on anchor in nearby Waiatt Bay or in settled conditions in private Bodega Anchorage to the north.

Entering Waiatt Bay can be tricky, through shoaled passes from Okisollo Channel in the east, or via a narrow channel from Bodega Anchorage in the north. Just take things slow and be considerate when encountering other vessels along the way.

Chartlet from Salish Sea Pilot’s Cruising Guide to Desolation Sound. Not to be used for navigation.

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