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Most of my posts about the starship Datawake focus on the geeky components… console systems, the holodeck, exotic digital radio, studio-grade audio processing, and so on. But this boat is home as well as lab, and many of my projects are unglamorous, non-blinking tools for simply improving the quality of life aboard. This post covers a few of those.

The Central Vacuum
For the past year, I’ve been crawling around on the floor when it gets dirty enough to bother me, dragging the shop vac and manually wielding a brush. This is painful and inefficient, but the big upright left over from my last attempt at living in a house would be too bulky to stow, and I have yet to see compromise mini models that work well enough. There are some superb handhelds (like the Dyson that my friend Steve likes on his sailboat), but I really want something suitable for a 50-foot boat with large carpeted areas.

RV and Bus nomads have long known the joys of the central vacuum, so I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did…. this is the Dirt Devil CV1500 (link is to the Defender product page, where the price is about $75 lower than the same item on Amazon)…

The mounting location is reasonably central in the boat; the machine is on a shelf in the laundry room, convenient for bag cleaning/replacement, and the outlet is in the pilothouse near the starboard door. I added that chrome pull switch to give me the option of leaving the hose plugged in (one less thing to stow!), since the default motor control is automatic when the hinged cover plate is opened.

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