The Ship Weather Station

Datawake was named for a central theme of this project: slurping information from a wide variety of sensors, presenting it on a console, then leaving a wake of data astern. “Sensors” come in a many flavors, and I use the term to include status bits, temperatures, radio traffic, video, navigation data, network and server logs, motion detectors, and anything else that conveys the status of the environment … including the weather.

Expensive nautical sensors are poor at visualization compared to home weather stations. There is a whole culture around these, including public servers crowdsourced with data from thousands of volunteers. Why not? Here’s the latest addition to the Datawake console… the Ambient WS-1001-WIFI tucked beside the Rigol power supply:

I’ve wanted a weather station on the boat for a while, but every time I started to research the options I got overwhelmed. There’s a lot to learn, including which products are poor, hard to use, or expensive to integrate… and last week I almost back-burnered that quest yet again. But I started noticing references to this Ambient product (often referred to as a “clone” in the weather geek forums, as it is made by Fine Offset in China), and found myself attracted to the display. It is much nicer than the ones that look

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