Microship seeks geeky skipper

A decade of my life (1993-2002) was focused on the development of this gizmologically intense amphibian pedal/solar/sail micro-trimaran, but as the project neared its end, my own nautical desires were shifting. She sat in my lab for a few years, nearly forgotten… then had a swan song in 2013 with dozens of day-sails in the waters around my new home on San Juan Island. By then I was living aboard an Amazon 44 named Nomadness.

More years passed. Mostly because of back issues, but also on the quest for enough space aboard to build a proper starship with room to work, I moved to the Dark Side in the form of a Delta 50 named Datawake. Still the Microship sits… gathering dust in my lab, waiting for her next adventure.

For a while, I was sure I would be launching this from the upper deck of the mothership; I do have a crane, and there is even enough room (with a bit of fiberglass surgery). But it would be too complex… and I know from experience that I would rarely use it. This exquisitely engineered boatlet would become a sculpture on top of a big power boat, incongruous, offering windage and habitat instead of the gonzo technomadic adventure

Read the full post on Nomadness.

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