Mosquito Fleet Monday: Kitsap II wants to race

Kitsap II was built by Joseph Supple of Portland for the Kitsap County Transportation Co. Original photo by Roger Dudley of Seattle, archived with the S.P.H.S.©

“The Liberty Bay Transportation Co, known locally as the“Farmer’s Line” gave serious competition to Kitsap County Transportation Co. with their steamers the ATHLON, MAGNOLIA, VERONA and the LIBERTY.

Warren L. Gazzam and his associates of KCTC decided to build a very fast steamer that the “Farmer’s Line” could not compete with, and as a result, an order was place with Joe Supple, Portland, OR for a vessel to be known as the KITSAP II.

The new vessel was of striking appearance with her flush cabins and two funnels, all very well proportioned.

As beautiful as the KITSAP II was, her crowning jewel was her power plant, a four cylinder triple expansion engine that ran with the precision of a fine watch. The Curtis engines that Joe Supple obtained to power the KITSAP II gave very fine service throughout the life of the vessel. Steam was  supplied by two Seabury boilers with a pressure of 340 pounds per sq. inch.

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