Salish Sea Pilot releases their 2017 cruising guides

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Our friends at Salish Sea Pilot have just released their 2017 cruising guides, and as usual, they’re packed with helpful information and tips for cruising the Pacific Northwest.

Covering Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound and Georgia Strait, the guides have information on hundreds of marinas and anchorages, plus passage notes, recommendations and everything in-between.

With guides that cover the entire Salish Sea region from Olympia to the Discovery Islands, this is the first year that they haven’t added a new guide. Instead, they focused on making the 2017 guides more robust and in doing so created brand new chartlets throughout and redrew many others. They also added additional information about features on the water and ashore.

“We considered expanding to areas beyond the boundaries of the sea, but decided to focus on polishing the existing guides.” wrote author Jim Burgoyne.

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In the world of cruising guides, Salish Sea Pilot does an incredible job keeping information up-to-date and relevant for those on the water. And if you find something that needs to be changed, all you need to do is shoot them an email and they’ll make the update.

“We never experience the feeling that we’re finished, done. Things are always changing. That’s just the way it is.” Burgoyne said. “We have been so lucky over the years to have received so much help from users of our guides. They have reported countless changes they have come across.”

Having the ability to adapt and make changes and additions on the fly is part of what makes the Salish Sea Pilots so useful for boaters, but also because you feel like part of the team when you’re able to lend a hand to the guides and many cruisers who use them.

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