Why sail to Southeast Alaska? 10 reasons you should go

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Sailing to Southeast Alaska is the pinnacle of cruising not only for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, but many cruisers world-wide. It’s one of the most stunning places on earth and has found its way on more than one bucket list – for cruisers and landsman alike. And now that the 2015 season is behind us, I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the time we spent in her waters. To do that, I’ve written a total of three blogs: The first one lays out several factors that impacted our experience and impression of the area – the weather, commercialism and sailing to a schedule – and can be read here. The second (this one) lists some of the things we enjoyed about cruising in Alaska. And the third will cover the things we didn’t like about cruising in Alaska.

Amazing Scenery

It probably goes without saying, but Alaska is absolutely beautiful which is why “amazing scenery” tops our list of things we liked about cruising in Southeast Alaska. It’s also a very large area and some places are (much) better than others. Here are some of the scenic highlights from our season:

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