Energy independence aboard: installing a wind turbine


Another one ticked off the list, and a big one. You see, the wind turbine is a benchmark for the charging system on Satori. It solves the biggest problem I have with living on a boat. It’s having enough power to allow a slightly bigger level of comfort. I have a backup generator in case I need to run a high-amperage AC appliance or in case the solar and wind components fail, but I don’t like to use it. It’s loud, it exhausts carbon monoxide, and it uses highly flammable gasoline to run. I will only keep a few gallons of gasoline on board for emergencies and to run the outboard for the tender. Satori should be able to keep up with the demand of her crew and supply electricity for navigation instruments, refrigeration, computers, gadgets, lights, and so on. So now she does, and I’m a happy sailor.

Perhaps the most challenging part of boat refits are getting it right the first time. I’m getting used to these projects, and feel like I’m getting better at making decisions. To get a wind generator installed, I needed a mast.

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