Totem savoring their last days in Thailand


Cruising is hard work. Really. Our punch list to have Totem ready for the Indian Ocean is shrinking but it’s constant daily effort to track towards an end of month departure. Even when we’re relaxing, like those lazy weeks up in Koh Phayam, we’re not on vacation. I made this list of things Jamie did over the course of a few days while we lingered in the bay there:

cut hole in deck for inner forestay
cut six inches of 3/8 inch 316 SS plate from an overbuilt/oversized backing plate
install backing plate with some exceptionally messy butyl tape
re-splice dyneema inner forestay
connect solar panels (offline since arch was rebuilt at the shipyard)
field install connector for NMEA 2000 network GPS (getting aaaalll the little wires into an end: finicky work)
replace burned-out Caframo fan in forepeak

Relaxing is not so much relaxing lately.
But then we delayed our departure from Thailand a bit longer for the best possible reason: the chance for a visit from my cousin and her new husband, as the first stop on their honeymoon travels in Southeast Asia. With Maeve and Noel on board, we had a great break from the pressure.

They had a taste of the cruising life. Beautiful anchorages. Lugging provisions. Underwater

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