What to look for in an engine survey

Photo courtesy of Steve D'Antonio

Photo courtesy of Steve D’Antonio

Most people wouldn’t consider making a sizeable investment in a boat without first having it surveyed.

But some might not go to the trouble of having a separate engine survey. That’s a big mistake, says well-known boating expert Steve D’Antonio. A marine mechanic, electrician and consultant based in Virginia, D’Antonio recommends that buyers get an engine inspection before purchasing any boat, even if it’s new.

And many professional mechanics lack the skills or willingness to perform a thorough marine engine survey, D’Antonio says, putting the buyer at risk of costly problems down the line.

“Therefore, as the buyer or boat owner, you must beware of these shortcomings and be prepared to guard against them,” he says.

D’Antonio, who is also the technical editor for PassageMaker magazine, just published an excellent piece in his ezine about what an engine survey should entail and what potential buyers should ask for. You can read the piece here.

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