Northwest Nautical History – the Tordenskjold

In Seattle in 1911, the fishing vessel Tordenskjold was launched from a little shipyard in the Scandinavian community of Ballard.

And of all the many events that transpired around the nation that year, the Tordenskjold is one that endures.

Remarkably, she is neither relic nor museum piece. The Tordenskjold leads a small fleet of hard working commercial fishing schooners that compete head to head with modern boats on the Alaska fishing grounds.

This excerpt from John Sabella’s 2011 documentary, commissioned by the Fishing Vessel Owners Association and Deep Sea Fisherman’s Union of the Pacific, highlights the Tordenskjold‘s longevity as part of the Alaska halibut fishery. The complete program is available here.

Read more about the Tordenskjold and the lucrative halibut fishery in this story by Seattle Times reporter Hal Bernton.

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